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Introduction Section Rules

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1 Introduction Section Rules on Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:07 am


Introduction Section Rules [center]

Hello everyone, I hope all of you enjoy your stay in our Section New Member Introductions. Our main job is to make the new members feel welcome in our Section.

Here are the Section Rules you should follow:

- You should only speak English in this section.

- Each New Member should only create one thread to introduce himself.

- Please be creative and do some effort in your introduction.

- If you have questions, use the search function instead of reposting or p.m. us (the section moderators).

- Do not go off-topic, all posts should have sense, otherwise it is considered spamming.

- Do not post duplicate threads.

- In general, all members should be civilized and respectful.

- Swearing, flaming or other kinds of offend, is strongly restricted here.

If you break the rules you will be warned! If you don't listen to the warning your action will result into a ban from the forum, which will be done discretely.

Staff team

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