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Wana Learn Trilane Chck This Out !!

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1 Wana Learn Trilane Chck This Out !! on Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:09 pm


Wana Learn Trilane Chck This Out !!

Though I'm fed up of 3-1-1 lane type, I have to admit that this is the most effective strategy offering several advantages. 2 solo heroes will acquire their powerful ultimate skills in less time. They would also have their other skills at maximum quickly. Heroes at the trilane will apparently destroy a dual lane. 2 supports in a lane assures a safe lane for a carry making him farm all the gold he wants. So, in order to win, you have to beat the opponent's trilane. But how? How does the Pro makes trilane so effective? What must be done to dominate your opponents at trilane? Here it is...

1. Pick Excellent Heroes for Trilane

You should consider the heroes first. One must always remember that when faced with equally skilled players, hero picks are very critical. Without the right amount of killing abilities, you can be owned by anyone in tri-lane. If slightly inferior in your tri-lane you can make some adjustments in order to win, but having a total hero pick mismatch, it is quite impossible to control that lane.

So, what are the things to consider in picking the heroes at trilane?

Disabling Skills - The most important thing is having heroes that can stun, slow, sleep, net, or other skills that can hold a hero to one place. 1st reason is that you need your prey to stay on one place to make it easier for your skills to land on him as well as your normal attacks. 2nd, chasing the hero just to kill him is not advisable because towers are too painful to tank at early levels. 3rd, chasing your target means free shot other enemy heroes making you die first.

Nukes - High burst damage skills are the next important thing in trilane. Powerful nukes make it easy to get rid of a hero at the trilane quickly. Instead of having a troll warlord to do normal attacks on a stunned hero, have a morphling instead to finish him with your wave form. Without powerful nukes, the disabled opponent can have his counter attack on you, right after the stun duration. You may be the one to die because of not having a powerful nuke.

Range heroes - are important in a trilane to do cheap shots to opponents and deny creeps from them. I recommend to have 2 range heroes in every lane have creep kills and harassing advantage.

Heroes' Combo - You should consider if the 3 heroes can compliment one another. Most heroes have best allies. You should know who they are and pick them. Don't just pick heroes without considering their chemistry. An example would be Undying. If he lanes with stunners, chances are the heroes would escape right after the stun duration. On the other hand, slower heroes like rylai and veno, are better lane mates with Undying because his zombies need more time to deal damage.

2. Know and Buy Key Items

In trilane situations some items give a lot of advantages over the opposing team. These items are highly recommended to make your trilane successful.

These items are

Ring of Basilius - One hero should buy this to give his lane mates mana regen and armor. With constant mana regen, you can execute your combo often giving you have more chance of winning the trilane. Mana regen, the reason why you wont have several trips to fountain, will make your opponents have a hard farm time at your lane. Extra armor is critical here because opponents will be doing normal attacks on you after casting their spells. Extra damage makes you deny more creeps and the carry farm better.

Magic stick/wand - Trilane heroes, having several spells to cast, are somehow countered by magic stick. Your opponents would make constant fights spamming their spells on you or your allies. You can earn more charge and use it when they are after you. Most of the time you'll survive if you use this wisely. +3 to all int, str and agi is also helpful in early levels in terms of mana and hp.

Observer Wards - To have more advantage in trilane, heroes will appear behind you for trapping purposes. To prevent this from happening, observer wards is the key. You'll have more chance in winning if you happen to see them before they trap you because you can cast your spells on them before they can click you. Observer wards offer defense and offense at the same time.

Boots - To have more assurance of not letting an enemy escape, you got to have boots. Boots grant move speed that can chase your opponents easily, especially if they don't have boots yet. If they have, the more you need to have boots for you not to cry for letting him escape with only 1 hp remaining.

3. Know The Best Target

In a trilane, you must not engage in a fight without conceptualizing the outcome. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the opposing trilane. If you want to win, take advantage of their disadvantages.

Type of Heroes that shouldn't be your first target

Tanks - Heroes with high HP and armor takes time to be knocked out. If you focus on him, his allies will surely do everything to also damage you. Once, your target, survived, your spells would already be in cool down state. He will, then, have the chance to use his skills and finish you.

Jumpers - These are heroes that have escaping abilities like POTM, Morphling, QOP, Puck. You don't want to target them because once they escape your plan to kill that hero, he can now regenerate and attack back.

Weakest - Heroes that will deal the least damage among the 3 heroes shouldn't be your prey. Weakest hero wont damage you that much if you try to kill his mates.

Type of Heroes that should be your first target

Softies - these are the heroes with low hp. You can disable a softy and kill him in no time. To do this, you should have a proper strategy of backstabbing them. Good players of low hp heroes wont show himself because he knows what will happen to his cotton candy hero. Sentry wards is needed to destroy their observer wards to make them less careful.

AOE stunners - this should also be your top pick because they can disrupt your plan in one spell and let them do counter attacks which is very fatal.

Bleeding heroes - they may be high HP heroes, but if they are bleeding, take this opportunity and kill them using your combo.

Hope This Will Atlseast Help My Clan To Play Trilane ....

Any Was Thnx For Reading

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2 Re: Wana Learn Trilane Chck This Out !! on Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:18 pm

[b]yo! yo! its for all cyb players .. dey dnt knw tri lane.. need some more post abt dis bond so dat dey will learn atleast a bit Razz

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3 Re: Wana Learn Trilane Chck This Out !! on Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:29 pm


Yea I Knw Will Be POstin Soon More On This Topic So Stay Active Twisted Evil

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