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[How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 Online?]-Play CS 1.6 on Garena !!

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How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 Online?-Play CS 1.6 on Garena !!

Hello guys i will tell u how to Play CS on Garena just go step buy step

Follow the given steps:

>Open Garena, and enter any CS 1.6 room.
>Select "Counter Strike 1.6" From the game list.
>Select any room, preferably the room which is from you region and has a good amount of players in it.
>Click on "settings" and browse your "cs1.6.exe" or "hl.exe".
>Now in the "Game bootstrap parameters" type this : "-game cstrike" (without quotes.)
>Click on update and then click on "Start Game"
>Type slist in the console, to open the console press "~" on your keyboard.
>When you type slist, a bunch of servers are listed, type Connect "number of the server" Eg. Connect 1
>Now you have successfully configured your cs1.6 on Garena !

>Make sure you have "-game cstrike" entered in "Game bootstrap parameters"

>You may have been disconnected from the room or your internet, try re-logging into garena with your ID. It is also possible that there are no servers in the room.

>Select "New Game" in Counter strike window and host with preferable sttings. Type "net_address" in the console and note down the IP. It's generally (where "xxx" may be any number from 1 - 255 which varies whenever you join a room)

If u have Big Pings

>Follow these steps :

>Make sure you have a very good internet connection.
>Close all the other programs and mainly downloads.
>Also note that the server you have joined may be a laggy server.

>Type "net_graph 3" in the console and you will have the fps and other prospects.

Thnx For Reading Razz

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but everybody plays by putting IP's re....

still good nice info............ Smile

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Found an easy way to play counter strike online without installing any software.

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